If you are like most companies, you have to get some sort of a written approval process from your clients before you start the work. If you should be doing this and you are not, then you are asking for trouble down the road when your client refused to pay because the scope of work was not defined or you did extra work outside the agreement.

A quick and easy way to fix this is to use e-signatures to quickly and easily get approvals from your customers, even when you are standing in front of them before you start the work. There are many options for e-signature, most are paid so you have spent more money and they do not integrate into your business management software. This causes a serious problem because you have to generate the document, upload it into another system, then email it out for signature. With Utiliko’s e-signature system, you can say goodbye to both paid subscriptions for e-signatures on estimates, proposals, contracts, or any other document and integrate it all into your familiar business management system that you are using now.


How to use Utiliko's e-Signature to approve estimates, proposals, and contracts


Your clients’ files already live within utiliko’s business management software, so all you have to do is create a new estimate, proposal or agreement and email it out to the client. The client can view it on any smartphone and sign it instantaneously with the power of their finger!


  • Step 1: Go to sales > estimate or go to Clients > Client Detail > Agreements and generate your agreement or estimate to be sent to the client.

sales estimates esignature


  • Step 2: Email that to the customer using the built-in email button to your client.
  • Step 3: The client opens the link and signs it as shown below.


utiliko esignature


One the estimate, contract, or proposal is signed, the salesperson will receive an email notification so they can complete the work. This is a summary of how Utiliko’s e-signature helps you create, email, and approve a document within minutes without any additional subscription while keeping it fully integrated to the rest of your business management platform.


About Utiliko


Utiliko was born out of the necessity of having a complete business management system that allows you to combine all of your efforts into a simple, easy to use business management system. Imagine having your sales team’s efforts through CRM, your support staff’s hard work through project management and IT support ticketing system, HR and Accounting team’s efforts through billable time tracking, estimating, invoicing, and payment collection all under one roof, one system.

This is possible with Utiliko, all of your leads and clients data is housed in a single, simple and intuitive platform that looks awesome. Work from home, work from the office or work from anywhere while still able to provide outstanding customer service to your existing clients, and sign up new clients.

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