Over the past few months, our life has changed tremendously affecting millions of people and taking the lives of thousands. Beyond this, it is having an increasing impact on the global economy. Schools and universities have shuttled their doors, a lot of companies have temporarily shut down ahead of a mandatory quarantine rule․ More than 22 million Americans have left jobless over the last 2 months not having a chance to work remotely. 


Reading the comparisons between COVID-19 and the great depression or World War II makes us think that the world should strive to deal with the challenges and survive this pandemic in every way as soon as possible. 



Remote work and its impacts on companies and employees


In less than two months, companies across the world have switched to remote working to ensure their business continuity. Being able to organize productive remote work indicates the ability to maintain a high level of professionalism during these tough times. Today more and more companies invest in business management software to ensure business continuity and handle daily tasks easily. Internet connection and cutting-edge technology facilitate the process of organizing remote work.


Working from home allows employees to create a better work-life balance. Researchers state that employees become more productive and feel greater loyalty to the company that gives them more freedom and flexibility. According to Global Workplace Analytics, 90% of employees said they would like to have at least part-time remote work.


On the other hand, companies can benefit from remote working policies as they can do more savings related to office rent, utility payments, and more. But when it comes to keeping their employees productive and implementing business process improvement, companies face great challenges. 


For instance, some of the employees have been experiencing full-time remote working for the first time. Their daily routine disruption can affect employee efficiency and cause stress and anxiety. CEOs and leaders are afraid of losing productiveness and having issues of getting their heads in the game at this critical time.  


State-of-art technologies and innovations blur the boundaries created by distance and open up more opportunities for companies that embrace remote work. Leaders should understand that it’s extremely important to discover and implement cutting-edge technologies to keep their team organized, coordinated, and secure. 


Let’s explore 5 positive actions CEOs and leaders should take to keep the remote teams productive and get through this crisis:



1. Invest in Business management software



It is hard to imagine completing to-do lists and getting the daily work done without the latest technologies and software. Computer software has gained huge importance in increasing our productivity, handling tight deadlines, and improving the overall performance of the company and employees. The lack of integration of business management software can lead to inefficiency and poor time management. 


Here are some reasons your remote team should have access to business management software:


  • Storing business files and sharing data easily
  • Saving a great deal of time not having to switch between different tools to complete on tasks 
  • Automating business processes and avoiding making many mistakes 
  • Improving daily communication and making information visualization easier 
  • Getting a 360-degree view of the company – If your company uses different platforms, it will be much more challenging to measure the business performance.


Making the switch from a single-breed application to an integrated business management platform is the most effective method to solve numerous management issues and enhance real-time visibility. 

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2. Organize and manage team tasks 


As a leader, you always have to take care of hundreds of tasks and define their importance level. Using an urgent important matrix can help you find out the urgency and importance of each task and prioritize to-do lists:


  • Urgent and important – These are the activities that should be done within tight deadlines. You can’t drag them away.
  • Not urgent but important – There could be tasks that have a solid due date and are essential for achieving long-term goals.
  • Urgent but not important – You can’t avoid the tasks that should be done immediately but won’t contribute to long-term goals. In such a case, you can do nothing but delegate your work to one of your teammates. 
  • Not urgent and not important – This kind of tasks distract you from the activities that are really important 


Notwithstanding the importance of having a detailed to-do list, task management is also about assigning tasks to the employees, determining the deadlines, and keeping track of the process of the task implementation. Business management software is a smart solution to create tasks, assign them to your development team, and predict realistic project deadlines. 


3. Invest in communication and collaboration tools


It may sound a little cliché, but having good communication skills is the key to success in personal and professional life. When switching to remote work, leaders and CEOs should take into consideration the risk that their employees can lose a sense of belonging. Smart communication helps them to identify with the company and be an integrated part of the business. 


So how to organize effective communication? 


Although emails are part of everything corporate relationships, they appear to be slow for feedback collecting and fast processes. Email communication can do a great job for information sharing in a reportive or solid manner, however, it may not be so practical for quick discussions. Instead, prefer group messaging applications to keep your team working together and use emails as confirmation of outcomes and reporting. Moreover, you can organize video calls at least twice a week to discuss projects in more detail. 


4․ Pick time management software 


Poor time management can lead to procrastination and have a negative impact on the team’s productivity and the whole project. Time management is the process of planning the time your employees spend on each task in order to meet deadlines and ensure team productivity. 


Here are the most essential time management tools you need to succeed in organizing remote work: 


To-do list – You can’t always encourage your team to meet the deadlines if you can’t assign their tasks properly and set reasonable deadlines. You had better schedule urgent and important tasks for the part of the day when there are fewer distractions. 


Calendar – Encourage your employees to use calendars for planning their daily tasks and reporting to you how and where they are spending their time.


Time tracking – Give your employees a tool to track their time spent on each task. It will help them stay focused and organized, which is the key to success in remote work. Moreover, It will later help you as a leader measure the productivity and efficiency of each employee. With the time consumption data in hand, you will be able to distribute the new tasks and projects among your employees in a more efficient manner. 


5. Get Cloud computing services: DaaS solutions


COVID-19 has created a global “Work-at-home” culture that is going to become the “new normal” for most companies due to its efficiency. Companies choose DaaS smart solution to support remote workers at this critical time.  DaaS is a cloud computing service that allows remote workers to access their virtual desktops from anywhere. 


So why is DaaS a great choice for your remote team? 


First and foremost, DaaS allows employees to access work materials and software from their personal laptops. Moreover, your security level will be set to high as all the data is stored in the data center so data breach occurring will be nearly impossible.


With so much uncertainty around COVID-19, it’s highly recommended investing in good business management software and choosing appropriate technologies to come to grips with COVID-19 challenges.

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