Why Business Process Automation is an integral part of Business Management Software?


Most of the small businesses do not use automation either because they do not have the resources built into their tools or simply cannot afford to buy it. It may seem overwhelming for a business owner not understanding Business Process Automation, Digital Transformation, Work Flow Automation, Machine Learning(ML) and finally Artificial Intelligence (Ai) Let’s start with why is it important to have a business management software that allows your to be more efficient through all of these specified methods and break down the idea behind each automation method.

5-positive-things-ceos-should-do-to-get-through-covid-19-element-titleWhat is Business Process Automation?


BPA is the process of automating any recurring task within an organization in order to gain efficiency, improve the process flow, reduce human error, or all of these combined. Any process that is repeated can be automated using an automation platform, this is the easiest form of workflow automation.  Automation is also the first step of adopting Digital Transformation which includes Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (Ai).


5-positive-things-ceos-should-do-to-get-through-covid-19-element-titleAutomation vs Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence

Automation is typically always limited by the brainpower of its God, whether that is a single human, group of people or software programmed to do the same thing over and over. In this case, the program does not gain any intelligence or get smarter over time because it is repeating the same process over and over vs a human who would learn and improve over time. Read here for examples of Automation.


Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence can be part of a workflow or business process automation, however, it would learn from its behavior or behavior of others and over time, it would get smarter and adapt. This level of automation requires a big set of data to train the machines. A typical ML and AI program starts with a very low success rate and over time builds up to a high degree of accuracy, usually in a high 90 percentile. Read here for examples of ML and AI.

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5-positive-things-ceos-should-do-to-get-through-covid-19-element-titleHow does Business Automation help my business?


The best way to explain this is to give you some real-world examples from a Utiliko user. A telecom provider who is using Utiliko for their project management has the following use case. Every time they create a new project to deploy their phone and internet system, the business automation system saves them 45 minutes and makes the following changes through the defined business workflow automation implemented in utiliko’s automation module.


If the project is a newly created project, it is on the phone & internet category, the following changes is made

  • The status of the project is automatically changed to In Progress
  • 7 separate tasks are created for this specific project
    • each task is assigned to the proper individuals who are responsible to complete the task
    • a summary of the task is added to the new task
  • Project Manager and Project Participants are automatically added


Given the above example, you can see how powerful automation can be within any business. These recurring activities can be fully automated and save time, money, and improve accuracy. The above client is saving 171 days a year which equates to $13,680 for an employee getting paid just $10/hour.

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5-positive-things-ceos-should-do-to-get-through-covid-19-element-titleHow does Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence improve my business operation?


Although not very common at the time of writing this article, ML and AI are gaining a lot of traction. Let’s dive into some examples.


Google Assistance. If you have not watched the introduction of this software, it is highly recommended to see the power of true AI. In short, the AI is able to make a call and make an appointment or reservation at a restaurant. The bigger picture here and where we see more use cases are actually in more business tasks such as customer service. Imagine having an employee who is working 24×7 with no breaks and can multi-task and talk to 25 customers at the same time. It can help them make payments on their account, troubleshoot common problems, take an order, and many other unforeseen tasks in the future.


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