Holding Your Team Accountable Without Micromanaging

A good Business Management System (BMS) may help your company become more structured and profitable while also improving customer service.

Hamed Mazrouei

Utiliko: CEO & founder

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Learning how to get out of your way is a key skill shared by successful entrepreneurs and small business owners. We get it; you’re building your own company and brand from the ground up. You’ve also gained a wealth of knowledge and most likely a few valuable skills along the way.

That is, without a doubt, no easy task! But now that your company is expanding, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to meet the needs of your customers. Especially if you’re rushing around trying to do everything on your own.

If you aren’t careful, your “one-man-army” mentality will stress you out to the point of burnout. This can have several negative consequences for your business.

You have a team of staff who are qualified to perform the tasks for which they were employed. They should be assisting you in growing and improving your business’s profitability. However, if you’re always breathing down their necks, you won’t be able to succeed.

A good Business Management System (BMS) may help your company become more structured and profitable while also improving customer service. Let’s take a look at how Utiliko BMS can help your business become more productive by fostering accountability within your team.

The importance of team accountability

The success of a team is determined by its accountability. Being a manager entails holding yourself accountable. However, it also implies that you are in charge of instilling an accountability culture in your team. After all, there is no such thing as a team if there is no accountability.

Fostering accountability requires trusting individuals to carry out their responsibilities. This is an excellent way to motivate your employees and improve their performance. As a result, accountability and performance are inextricably linked, and high-performing teams have a culture centered on accountability.

Implementing accountability in your company is not as simple as it sounds. It may require difficult conversations with your employees. However, if you demonstrate that you are the type of leader that the organization requires, you will improve employee retention in the long run.

Contrary to popular belief, studies show that most employees value it when their employers hold them accountable for doing good work.

Building team accountability with Business Management Systems

Here are a few ways that Utiliko BMS can help your business foster accountability and build a stronger team.

Helps grow your revenue

Using business management software like Utiliko helps enhance productivity in the long run. Everything you need to make decisions is in one place and easily accessible from any location. This gives all teams inside the company access to the data they need to make better decisions.

As a result, teams benefit from improved planning, process and cost optimization, and revenue maximization.

Take, for example, a company with much higher overhead expenditures. A business may notice that its overhead costs are too high, and as a response, it may look into the variables that contribute to this cost. This can be modified after analysis to cut costs while improving overall revenue.

Improved communication and collaboration

When dealing with multiple data and technology environments, many businesses struggle to effectively communicate and collaborate. Two of the most prominent factors are conflicting information sources and the time it takes to acquire data to make strategic decisions.

Using Utiliko’s integrated business management system makes it easy to share data and information across the organization efficiently. It creates a consolidated view and reduces conflict between teams and management.

Furthermore, you’ll receive real-time updates, allowing you to make decisions at the moment rather than wasting time arranging meetings after the fact.

Don’t miss the next big thing in field service management solutions. Ensure team accountability without micromanaging.

Organizational alignment that works

Without a doubt, organizations are at their best when everyone is working toward the same goal. This does, however, require coordination and the use of the same tools. Otherwise, personnel begin working from distinct process maps, receive different training and upskilling, and concentrate on their tasks.

When everyone uses the same technology environment, such as Utiliko, it’s easier to build organizational alignment. Working with an integrated system also makes it easier to onboard new employees, decrease operational risks, and find possible business prospects.

Encourage interaction

You must enable your staff to connect correctly to their work for them to establish a sense of accountability. Different types of employees, of course, will typically require different types of connections, as follows:

  • Make sure they’re on the same page with the problem and the solution: Encourage your employees to come up with their solutions to make them feel more in charge of the outcome.
  • Align their work with the company’s goals: This will enable them to see how their efforts contribute to the company’s overall aims.
  • Encourage your team members to work together: Encourage teamwork and ensure that your staff is seen and heard by their coworkers. This will make them feel as if others are interested in their success. In addition, it will help them understand how their job affects others and boost their feeling of team accountability.
  • Align their efforts with their personal and professional objectives: How will success in their current endeavor help them achieve their long-term goals?

Make use of technology to keep your team accountable

Keeping track of your team while they are out in the field is a common challenge for business owners. Everything from communication difficulties to ensuring your team isn’t taking unnecessary breaks can be a major drain on time and productivity.

GPS-based management tools can give you a bird’s-eye view of your entire team. This allows you to see when your team arrives on jobs and how long it takes them to complete those jobs. Utiliko, for example, goes a step further by alerting you when an employee is late for work.

Utiliko is the best business management system

Today’s tools, such as Utiliko BMS, make managing your field team easier than ever before. Tools that allow your complete team to be connected through a single dashboard can significantly boost team performance.

Utiliko gives managers peace of mind while also giving them a painless approach to holding their staff accountable.

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