The solution:  Business Continuity Management Software


With the outbreak of COVID-19, businesses large and small have been seriously shaken. Most of all, our work from home culture has been transformed overnight. What used to be somewhat of a luxury for many employees is today completely essential to ensure business continuity.


Clearly – businesses cannot stop because of COVID-19 – which is why companies nationwide are adopting remote work from home arrangements for their employees. While some companies are already entrenched in collaborative technologies, others have to engage immediately.


Yes – change can be challenging – but a remote working strategy can work wonders. For a start, it’s important to implement all-in-one business management software. This will ensure employee efficiency and productivity, while connecting management, employees, and customers.


The Challenges


Whatever your business, transitioning employees to a work from home scenario has unexpected twists and turns. Amongst the challenges, technology issues take first place. Although computer glitches and software issues can be problematic, Internet outages can be a complete disaster.


Business owners seeking a viable COVID-19 solution can ensure business continuity with all-in-one business management software. It will allow teams to collaborate seamlessly and all within the same technology platform. What’s most important is that customer needs are serviced.


The Solutions


With COVID-19, businesses must react and respond in a flash. Any type of delay is a recipe for lost business. Here, the solution is all-in-one business management software – with a comprehensive bundle of features to complete tasks, eliminate errors, and enhance employee effectiveness.


When choosing business management software, it’s better to be prudent – there is no need to panic even when pursuing a COVID-19 solution. Business owners should choose smartly, based on all the features – from task organization, to document storage, to accounting management.


The Benefits


It may not have been pre-planned but work from home is now a reality. Understandably, every crisis situation can present hidden opportunities. With reliable all-in-one business management software, many business owners realize improved efficiency, productivity, and cost control.


Probably the biggest benefit of all-in-one software is the capacity to perform a multitude of tasks all “under one roof”. With reliable access to an Internet connection, a business can be conducted by anyone and from anywhere. And customers can be serviced as usual – without missing a beat.


Utiliko is your all-in-one solution for business  continuity during COVID-19


For everyone in the business community, COVID-19 is now a stark reality. So it’s time for some robust business management software. Utiliko is an end-to-end BMP that’s powerful, easy-to-use, and full of features – a platfor

m that allows for real-time accessibility and streamlined workflow.

For many business owners, Utiliko may be the only software ever required. This is leading-edge technology, with everything “under one roof”. Accessible from anywhere, and from any device, Utiliko incorporates a host of business functions in one place and accessible with just two clicks.



If you’re on the hunt for the ultimate business management software, Utiliko can take you to a whole new level. No more repetitive tasks and no more wasted employee-hours. With Utiliko, it’s all about efficiency and productivity – and with COVID-19 its also about business continuity.


Why not test-drive Utiliko and assess the benefits? Try out the software for 14 days and see how Utiliko does it all. You get full access to all modules, without any obligation whatsoever. Add as many users as you need and take it to the max for 14 days. Utiliko will be pre-configured for your business and ready to go.

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