If you’re knee-deep in field service management, you’ll want a sophisticated planning platform that offers the ultimate field service management solution. Without such a system, you’re probably not operating at peak efficiency – and that means lost dollars.

In order to properly manage and track service performance outside your office, you should be locked into a system that effectively oversees all activities. That includes all field workers, specialty technicians, and mobile teams who are working remotely.

Today, cloud-based FSM applications (including all-in-one Mobile app capability) will handle everything under one roof. Beyond scheduling and booking of projects, you can customize tasks like inventory tracking, equipment access, and vehicle maintenance.



The best FSM application will integrate all of your business functions and activities under one roof and within a cloud-based environment. Indeed, your search for a robust field service management solution should include an all-in-one mobile APP.

One of the more relevant benefits of a sound FSM application actually favors your customers. It’s simple – when your service teams are in the field they have all the information and data they need (on a mobile device) to deliver exceptional service.

Whatever your business size, an effective field service management platform is going to transform your business and improve bottom lines – the benefits are far-reaching. 

    • scheduling and dispatching the right people for the job
    • notifying field workers about new jobs or canceled jobs
    • tracking and monitoring all work progress in real-time
    • managing inventory, equipment, and on-road vehicles
    • fine-tuning travel routes, therefore reducing fuel costs
    • monitoring the real-time location of employees or vehicles
    • eliminating paper-based processing (fewer admin costs)
    • responding to customer requests much more efficiently
    • generating internal all-inclusive performance reports



Today, with the latest advancements in technology, FSM applications empower your workers like never before. With mobile app capability, your service teams now have very powerful tools – smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

It means that information can be updated in real-time; field teams can be connected while on the road, and customer service can be immediate and responsive. It’s even possible to acquire electronic signatures and upload all document types.

Mobile app capability is essential in today’s customer-driven environment – there’s simply no other way to operate. Without it, businesses are left behind.


If you’re considering an FSM platform to boost productivity, it’s imperative to match system features with your unique business requirements. The platform should do it all under one roof – inclusive of sales staff, installation teams, and project managers.

    • creating project estimates or project proposals
    • generating contracts and agreements on-the-go
    • notifying installers about projects assignments
    • getting signature confirmation and e-signatures

Expense Management

A good FSM platform will effectively manage your project budgets; create the proper purchase orders; oversee vendor activity; and track expenses (per client or project).

Enhanced Efficiencies

With “single source” access to all your client and vendor information, everything is at hand – estimates, invoices, payments, transactions, contracts, vehicles, and deliveries.

Increased Revenues

When organizational management is at a peak, no detail is overlooked. All projects are billed accordingly and payments are facilitated by an integrated payment gateway.

Full Transparency

Not to be underestimated, full transparency in an FSM platform allows management and employees to share everything from client activity to deliveries, to installations.

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