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User can navigate on the bug details page by clicking on `bug title’ from the bug list page. Bug details page contains modules related to bug on the left side and corresponding module details on the right side.
  1. EditNavigate to ‘Edit Bug’ page
  2. Pin taskOn click, the pin icon turns into red and bug added to ‘All pinned details’ list which is display’s on the dashboard.
  1. DetailsThis section displays all information about bug such as title, status, reporter etc.
  2. CommentsThis section displays `comments list` and `New comments`, user can add comments from this section.
  3. AttachmentsThis section displays `Attachment list` and `New attachments`, user can add and edit the attachment from this section.
  4. TasksThis section has ‘All Tasks’ and ‘New Tasks’. All Tasks tab displays all the tasks of bug and user can filter by status, sales rep. New Task tab allows user to create a new task for the bug.
  5. NotesThis section displays `Note list` and `New note`, Client can add notes from this section.
  6. ActivitiesThis section shows the all activities list of bug.
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