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It contains two sections, ‘Company Details’ and ‘Working Days’. Click on the ‘Company Details’ tab. It shows the form to update Company Details


  1. Company NameName of the company
  2. Contact PersonContact person of the company
  3. Legal NameLegal name of the company
  4. Company FEINCompany FEIN number

  1. Company AddressAddress of the company
  2. City, State, ZipCity, state and zip code of the company
  3. CountryCountry name of the company

  1. Company PhonePhone number of the company
  2. Company emailemail id of the company

  1. Company websiteWebsite of the company
  2. Act on addressAct on address of company
  3. PBX addresspbx address of company
To Update ‘Working Days’, click on ‘Working Days’ Tab. It shows the form of Working Days
    1. Every Day Same TimeUser can set the same time for all the days

    1. Setting different timeUser can set a different time for all the days

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