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1. Click on the ‘Notification email’ tab. It shows the form to configure the email settings for notification

  1. Company emailEmail id of the company
  2. Email protocolProtocol of the email. (Default is smtp protocol for email)
  3. SMTP hostSMTP host of the email
  4. SMTP portSMTP port number of the email
  5. SMTP userEmail id of the sender‘s email
  6. SMTP passwordThe password of the sender’s email
  7. Send grid API keyAPI key for send grid
  8. Test email idEmail id of the recipient (who will receive the mail of email notification setup)
  9. Encryption typeSSL or TLS is the encryption type protocol
  1. Test email settingsIt sends the successful notification set up email to recipient
  2. Save changesIt save the changes of the form with filled values
2. Click on the ‘Email notification settings’ tab. It shows the sub-tabs to enable/disable the email notification

3. Click on the ‘Email templates’ tab. It shows existing templates to update

  1. Choose templateDisplays the module’s email template list
  2. SubjectSubject of the email template
  3. Template EditorIt shows the email template, which user can edit
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