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User can navigate to the estimate details page by click on ‘Estimate reference number’ from the estimates list page.
  1. Unique URLThis unique url is to show the detail estimation of the items and also it has the options to generate the pdf and to show the print view
  2. Show to clientOn click it’s changed into Hide to Client. Estimate will not be visible to client when client log’s in to the system.
  3. Convert to invoiceOn click the estimate is converted to invoice and navigate to invoice detail page. An estimate can be converted to Invoice only once.
  4. Estimate HistoryTo see activities for this estimates
  5. Mark as declinedOn click the estimate status change to Declined
  6. Mark as acceptedOn click the estimate status change to Accepted
  7. PinClick to pin the estimate which is visible on dashboard All pinned Detail Tab
  8. EmailOn click estimate will be emailed to client/lead.
  9. PrintClick to print the estimate.
  10. PDFClick to download the estimate.
  11. EditClick to edit estimate details.
  1. Client/Lead nameDisplay’s the Lead/Client name and on click redirects to Lead/Client detail page.
  2. Client/Lead addressDisplay’s the Lead/Client address and on click redirects to Lead/Client location on google the map.
  3. Related toDisplay’s the title of Ticket/Project/Opportunity for which estimate is attached to. Onclick redirects to Ticket/Project/Opportunity detail page.
  4. Estimate statusDisplay’s status of estimate.
  5. Item listDisplay’s items related to estimate in list
  6. DescriptionDisplay’s short note for estimate
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