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Click on the ‘New Client’ tab. It shows the form to add a client.

  1. General Information
  2. Contacts

1)General Information contains the following sections

  1. Legal Company NameName of the company
  2. Location NameName of the location
  3. Company FEINFEIN number of company
  4. Multilocation SiteIf the client has multiple locations then through this option we can create a tree view of the client as per the location. Which is shown in details page. On select Multilocation checkbox, two fields will be added to add multi locations.

  1. Billing Address
  2. City, Zip, Pin
  3. Country
when you start to enter an address in the address field, It automatically detects address and gives suggestions for corresponding to the entered string. When you select your match address from the suggested list city, state, zip, and country get auto-filled.

If Shipping Address is same as Client Address then select the checkbox, else unselect checkbox and fill the shipping address

  1. Company PhonePhone number of company
  2. Company FaxFax number of company
  3. Company EmailEmail of company
  4. Company WebsiteWebsite of company
  5. Facebook UrlFacebook url of company
  6. Twitter UrlTwitter url of company

Text editor to Add short notes on client

  1. MyselfSystem logged user
  2. EveryoneEveryone presents in system
  3. customSelected users from the user list

2)Contacts contain information about the client

  1. Full NameName of the client
  2. TitleTitle of client eg. CEO,Owner etc
  3. EmailEmail address of client
  4. PhonePhone number of client
  5. MobileMobile number of client

checkbox to give online access to the client. On select checkbox, two fields will be added

  1. Password
  2. Confirm Password

Client will login in the system with a provided email address and password.

For a video summary on how to create clients with multiple locations, please watch the video tutorial below

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