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Click on the ‘New Vendor’ tab. It shows the form to add Vendor. Fill general information.

  1. NameName of vendor.
  2. EmailEmail address of vendor
  3. Vendor FEINFEIN number of vendor

  1. Vendor address
  2. City, state ,zip
  3. Country
when you start to enter an address in the address field, It automatically detects address and gives suggestions for corresponding to the entered string. When you select your match address from the suggested list city, state, zip, and pin get auto-filled.

  1. PhonePhone number of vendor
  2. MobileMobile number of vendor
  3. Vendor websiteWebsite of vendor
  4. FaxFax number of vendor
Input field to write some information or short note about vendor

  1. LinkedIN URLLinkedIn url of vendor
  2. Facebook URLFacebook url of vendor

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