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Click on the ‘New Opportunity tab. It shows the form to add an Opportunity.

  1. Opportunity Information
  2. Opportunity Forecast
  3. Next Action
  4. Short Notes
  5. Participants

  1. Opportunity NameName of the opportunity
  2. Select Client/LeadsSelect the client/lead from the dropdown list to create the opportunity for
  3. Sales RepSales representative is the person responsible for the opportunity. By default the logged user is selected as default user.
  4. PipelineThe pipeline in which the opportunity falls. By default first pipeline from the dropdown list is selected.
  5. StagesThe stage of the pipeline where opportunity resides. The list is populated on selection of Pipeline dropdown. By default it is the first stage of the pipeline
  6. SourceIt is the source of the opportunity
  7. ContactsIt displays the list of contacts for client/leads. It can empty if no contact found.
  8. Add new linkHere you can add a custom link. It can be site name or some imp link related to opportunity
  9. StatusIt displays the list of status which are of type “In Process”
  10. DepartmentIt will show the list of Sales dept. By default sales dept is shown.

  1. End DateIt is the deadline of the opportunity.
  2. Expected RevenueTotal revenue that is expected from it
  3. Probability of Winning %It’s the winning probability percentage.

  1. CallCall has following fields to fill up
  2. MeetingMeeting has following fields to fill up
  3. DeadlineDeadline has following fields to fill up

In this section you can add a short note regarding the Opportunity. This is a text editor with multiple tools on it to use.

  1. MyselfSystem logged user
  2. EveryoneEveryone presents in system
  3. CustomSelected users from the user list

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