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Click on the ‘Create Invoice’ tab. It shows the form to add an invoice.

  1. Select ClientName of the client
  2. Related toTicket and project of the client can be selected
  3. Sales RepresentativeName of the sales representative
  4. Invoice DateDate for Invoice
  5. Sales TaxType of the tax can be selected
  6. RecurringUsed to create recurring invoice

  1. Item nameThe Name of the item can be selected. The items are fetched from utilities -> settings
  2. DescriptionDescription of the item is displayed if mentioned in settings,the description can be edited or the description for the item can be added
  3. Qty(Quantity)Quantity of the item by default it is one. we can able to increase the quantity
  4. Unit priceThe price of the item displayed,the price can be edited
  5. Sub TaxThe tax for the item can be selected
  6. Sub TotalThe total amount of the item will be displayed without including the tax
  7. Tax AmountThe tax amount for the item will be displayed
  8. DeleteThe item can be deleted by clicking the delete icon
  9. MoreMore items can be added by clicking the More icon

  1. MemoMemo for the invoice
  2. Invoice MessageInvoice message is fetched from utilities ->settings.Here you can add notes on client and style them with tool options.
  3. Payment InfoPayment information contains following details
  4. CancelCancel the invoice
  5. Create invoiceCreates the invoice based on given information as shown below