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Click on the ‘New Employee’ tab. It shows the form to add an employee.The form has five divisions.

  1. Employee NameName of employee
  2. Employment IdEmployment Id is unique id assigned by company
  3. LanguageLanguage of the employee.
  4. LocaleLocale of the employee

  1. Billable hourly rateBillable hourly rate of that employee.

  1. Phone NumberPhone number of the employee.
  2. Mobile NumberMobile number of the employee.
  3. Linked InLinked in Id of the employee.
  4. PBX IdPBX id of the employee.

  1. EmailEmployee email id.
  2. PasswordThe Password of the employee.

  1. DepartmentDepartment of the employee (eg HR, manager, admin).
  2. PasswordThe Role assigned to the employee.
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