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Click on the ‘Create Estimate’ tab. It shows the form to add Estimate. Fill general information.

  1. Client/Lead Name Dropdown list of lead/client
  2. Related toRelated to field defines the module which is related to the estimate

  1. DiscountEnter discount for the estimate.
  2. Estimate DateDate of an Estimate. It will always take the current date as default.
  3. Default TaxDefault tax of an estimate which will auto-populate with a system default tax

  1. Item nameSelect an item from item name dropdown
  2. DescriptionDescription of an item
  3. QtyQuantity of an item
  4. Unit PriceUnit price of an item
  5. Mark upMark up of an item
  6. TaxTax of an item
  7. Sub TotalSub total of an item
  8. Tax AmountTax amount of an item

  1. MemoMemo of an Estimate
  2. NotesNotes of an Estimate which will auto-populate from estimate setting
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