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Click on the ‘New Project’ tab. It shows the form to add new project.

  1. Project Information
  2. Project Category
  3. Project Description
  4. Participants

  1. Select ClientDrop down list to select client
  2. Point of contact Displays the point of contact automatically if exists when client is selected.
  3. Select Company LocationCheckbox to select company location.If it checked select company location drop down List Appears. We can select location if client has multiple locations.
  4. Location AddressDisplays client address automatically when client is selected, We can change it as well.

  1. Project NameName of the project
  2. Select PipelineDrop down list to select the project pipeline
  3. StageDrop down list to select the stages [ Based on pipeline selected ]
  4. Start DateDate picker to select the project start date
  5. End DateDate picker to select the project End date
  6. Project CategoryDrop down list to select the project category
  7. Fixed RateCheckbox to decide fixed rate or not If Fixed Rate is checked Budget and Demo URL fields will appear instead of hourly rate and with tasks.
  8. ProgressUsed to select progression of project
  9. Hourly RateHourly rate of the project
  10. With TaskCheckbox to decide with task or without task
  11. DepartmentDropdown list to select department

Project related description can be added through this section with the help of editor.

  1. Project ManagerProject manager drop down list
  2. OwnerOwner selection drop down list.
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