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Click on the ‘New Task’ tab. It shows the form to add a task. Fill general information.

  1. Task NameName of  task
  2. Related toRelated to field defines the module which is related to a task Once you choose ‘related to’ field new fields will create below which contains modules of ‘related to’ field. eg.suppose you select project, two fields will add below it, project name and milestone of the project
  3. Responsible userPerson who responsible to complete the task
  4. DepartmentDepartment for which user create the task
  5. Start DateStart date of the task
  6. Due DateDue date of the task
  7. Estimated HoursApproximate time required to complete the task

  1. StatusShows status of the task, by default it is ‘Not Started’.
  2. ProgressDisplay’s progress of the task in percentage

To add details about the task

  1. MyselfSystem logged user
  2. EveryoneEveryone presents in system
  3. CustomSelected users from the user list

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