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Click on the ‘New Ticket tab. It shows the form to add Ticket. Fill general information.

  1. Company NameDisplays dropdown of the client list.
  2. Email Email address of Client
  3. Company LocationDisplays Dropdown of  multiple company location list of particular client
  4. Company AddressDisplays client  address automatically when the client is selected, We can change
  5. Company Phone Displays client  phone automatically if exists when client is selected
  6. Point of Contact Displays Point of contact automatically if exists when client is selected
  7. POC mobile numberDisplays Point of contact mobile number  automatically if exists when client is selected

  1. Select CategoryDisplays dropdown of ticket categories list.
  2. Ticket PriorityDisplays dropdown of ticket priorities list.
  3. DepartmentDisplays dropdown of department list

  1. SubjectSubject of the ticket
  2. NotesNotes for the ticket
  3. Attachment Attachment of the ticket

  1. Project Manager Displays dropdown of users list.
  2. OwnerDisplays dropdown of users list.
  3. Email notificationIts send email notification to the customer if it is checked
  4. Show ticketDisplays ticket detail page after creation if it is checked, or it will take users to list page.
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