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Click on the ‘Recieve a Payment’ tab. It shows the form to add a payment. Fill general information.

  1. Select Client Name of the client. After selecting the client it shows the list of invoice for the selected client as shown below

  2. Payment DateDisplay the payment date.By default it shows the current date
  3. SearchUsed to search the invoice list

  1. Total PaymentDisplay the total payment amount of selected invoice
  2. Apply CreditIt has two options
  3. Amount PayableDisplay the payable amount based on credit amount and selected invoice list
  4. Deposit toDrop down list box to select deposit type
  5. Available creditDisplay the credit balance of the client which is non editable
  6. Payment MethodDrop down list box to select the payment type
  7. Send MailSend the mail to client if the option is selected
  8. MemoMemo of a payment
  9. Receive and closeReceives the payment and navigates to payments received list page
  10. Receive and NewReceives the payment and retail fresh page for payment
  11. CancelClears the form and redirects to payments list
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