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User can navigate on the leads details page by click on ‘leads name’ or ‘view action’ from the leads list page. Lead Details page contains modules related to lead on the left side and corresponding module details on the right side.
  1. EditNavigate to ‘Edit Lead’ page
  2. Pin leadOn click, the pin icon turns into red and lead added to ‘All pinned details’ list which is display’s on the dashboard
  3. DeleteOn click it will delete the Lead and navigate to ‘All Leads’ page
  4. Convert To ClientOn click it will open dialog for filling up information for client and it will convert the lead to client
  1. Leads Details It contains basic details of leads which are elaborated in Center Part
  2. ContactsDisplays the contacts created for that lead, by default contact is created while creating the lead.This tab has two options one for displaying list other for creating contacts
  3. CallThis tab has two options, one displays call list and the other is to create a new call
  4. MeetingThis tab has two options, one displays Meeting list and the other is to create a new Meeting
  5. CommentsThis section allows to add a new comment on top and below that is the list of comments added on the leads
  6. AttachmentAttachment tab shows Attachment list for the leads, leads can add new Attachment by click on the new Attachment tab
  7. TasksThis tab has two options, one displays tasks list and the other is to create a new task
  8. EmailsThis tab has two options, All Email Activities tab shows all the email made to the lead and the other is to view an email
  9. ActivityThis tab displays activity list made to the leads
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