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Click on the ‘Online Forms’ tab. It shows ‘Form List’ and ‘Add Form’. Click on ‘Form List’ tab. It shows List of online forms.

  1. Form TitleDisplays Form title
  2. Form DescriptionDisplays form description of particular form
  3. ActionIt has three options
To Create/Update ‘Online Forms’, click on ‘Add Form’ Tab. It shows the form of Online forms

  1. Add FieldIn this section the user can select which fields he/she want to add in form by clicking on particular field type
  2. Field SettingsIn this section users can actually setup how field will be shown in online form. To setup any field user have to actually click on field present on second section of form (field on right side section) and make changes
  3. Form SettingsIn this section user can change form title and description
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