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Opportunity settings contains the following three tabs:

Pipeline tab contains the details of pipelines and stages for opportunity.

  1. List pipelinesIt shows the list of pipelines which contains stages list.
  2. Add/update stageAfter filling pipeline name. click on the save/update button to add the new/update pipeline or click the cancel button to clear the changes made.
  3. Delete pipelinePipeline can be deleted, if stages are not present.
  4. StagesStages contains three options.
2.Status Reason

Status reason list contains all the status reason names and type of the status with action column.

    1. Opportunity status reasonDisplays the status reason name of the opportunity.
    2. Opportunity status typeDisplays the type of the opportunity status.
    3. ActionUser can not edit/delete the default opportunity status list. It has two options.
3.Opportunity source

Source list contains all the source names with action column.

    1. Opportunity sourceDisplays the source name of the opportunity.
    2. ActionUser can edit/delete the source list. It has two options.


How to add the new opportunity source?

User can add new opportunity source with unique opportunity source name. After filling the details, click submit button to add new opportunity source.
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