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Click on the ‘System settings’ tab on the left side. It shows the form to update system settings.

  1. Company Salt KeyIt contains the salt key for password encryption
  2. LocaleIt shows the locale of the system
  3. Secret KeyIt contains secret key
  4. Default CurrencyDisplays the default currency for amount
  5. Default languageDisplays the default language of system
  6. Attendance reportIt shows the attendance report
  7. Time zoneDisplays default timezone for the system
  8. Default taxDisplays default tax for the system
  9. Default bank accountDisplays default bank account of the system
  10. Money formatDisplays the money format for amount
  11. Currency positionDisplays the position of the currency
  12. Date formatDisplays date format for the system
  13. Phone number formatDisplays phone number format for the system
  14. Auto close ticket afteIt shows the number of hours for auto close the ticket
  15. Contract expiration reminderIt shows the number of days for expiration of contract reminder
  16. Google map API keyIt shows the google map API key to set the key for google maps in system
  17. Enable languagesIt enable the languages on the system
  18. Allow client registrationIt allows the registration for client
  19. Client can create projectClient can create the project using this option
  20. Enable item level taxationIt enable the tax option on item, invoice form
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