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User can navigate on the task details page by click on ‘task name’ or ‘view action’ from the task list page.Task Details page contains modules related to task on the left side and corresponding module details on the right side.
  1. EditNavigate to ‘Edit Task’ page
  2. Pin taskOn click, the pin icon turns into red and task added to ‘All pinned details’ list which is display’s on the dashboard.

  1. DetailsDetails of task eg name, responsible user, start date, due date, etc
  2. CommentsTo add comments on the task
  3. AttachmentsTo add files related to the task
  4. NotesTo add short notes for the task
  5. TimesheetsTimesheets displays entry of each ‘time log’ for task
  6. ActivitiesAll the activities which are done by the user eg. user start timer for the task, are mentioned in Activities.
  7. participantsUser can edit participants form details page. On click on ‘ + ‘ icon popup window will be open which contains a form to edit participants. User update participants according to requirement.

To know about task timer go to http://www.utiliko.io/knowledge-base/task-list/  start timer’

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