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User can navigate on the vendor details page by click on ‘vendor name’ or ‘view action’ from the vendor list page. Vendor Details page contains modules related to vendor on the left side and corresponding module details on the right side.

  1. DetailsDetails tab displays all information about vendor like name, address,email, ‘location on map’ etc.
  2. ContactsContacts tab shows contact list for the vendor, Vendor can add new contact by click on the new contact tab
  3. Purchase OrderThis tab has two options, one displays purchase order list and other is to create a new purchase order.
  4. TransactionTransaction tab shows all the transactions made to the vendor
  5. RefundsIf any transaction failed or vendor needs to refund to his customer according to the policy then he can create a refund request. All refunds are displays in refund list
  6. AgreementsVendor can make an agreement with is customer set rules, regulations and policies between customer and vendor
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