Introducing Utiliko’s Weekly Planner

What is Utiliko’s Weekly Planner?

This week, Utiliko released a new proactive way to manage your week ahead using the Weekly Planner. The goal of the planner is to allow you to organize your week ahead using a single and easy to understand email. The Weekly Planner is a powerful feature that offers plenty of benefits to each user of Utiliko through its single summary of everything that they are responsible for.

The Weekly Planner was designed to ensure that users do not forget to complete tasks, deadlines are never missed and more importantly, users are provided with an actionable and easy to digest information, therefore it would boost the results for the company to become more efficient by giving their users the proper tools to do their job effectively and efficiently.

How do I get the report?

The report is automatically enabled for all users in the system and is emailed every Sunday evening. The format of the report is broken into multiple sections, broken down per each module, for example, Tasks, Leads, Projects, Tickets and etc. If a user has any item assigned to them, those will be included in their Weekly Planners, the name of the task, due date as well as as a link to that specific task.

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