Daily life, whether in our careers or at home, demands task management – we seem to have countless “things to do”. More than that, most of us also have aspirations, ambitions, and goals. And this is especially true in a competitive business environment where we need to keep up.


Funny how everything is a high priority. But at the end of the day, it’s about balancing workload and managing time. Business owners and management execs often rely on a project management system, but even the best project management software just isn’t enough to render results.


The key to success with task management is to effectively combine a good project management system with a good task management strategy. It’s enough to understand that poor strategy, poor management, and poor execution creates task overload and significantly decrease productivity.


A strategic approach to task management


With task management, it’s really about combining effective strategies with today’s technologies. The result is improved productivity, better time management, and better workflow practices.


Making “to-do” lists

Simple yet powerful, “to do” lists are effective. Whether written on sticky notes or typed on a spreadsheet, we all subscribe. Today, with advanced technology, it’s more of a SMART to-do list.


Task prioritization

There’s nothing more critical than defining whether a task is a high or low priority. By definition, effective time management relies on prioritizing (and often eliminating) any low-value activities.


Defined scheduling

Scheduling is essential in keeping teams focused and on-track. When it’s well-defined, a schedule incorporates both a start date and due date, further reinforcing the element of time management.


Remaining involved

After sorting out priorities, and delegating high-value tasks, management needs to consistently follow up. It’s important to remain involved in order to ensure continued forward momentum.


Always connecting

Communication between team members is fundamental to all hierarchical management levels. Unfortunately, internal communication is an area where managers and execs are both lacking.


Success with good task management strategies


Even with the best project management system and the best project management software, it’s going to be the strategic approach that contributes to management success. The truth is, today’s technologies provide superior online tools and applications that make success easier to achieve.


For small and medium-sized businesses, researching and choosing task management applications is about cherry-picking for the best possible fit. The cost must be appropriate. The learning curve must be reasonable. Above all, the features and tools must meet (or exceed) team requirements.


Utiliko is a powerful platform for effective task management


If you’ve got too many systems running, and too much time being wasted, it’s a good time for an all-in-one-system that runs your entire business. If it’s getting increasingly hard to keep track of everything, Utiliko can put it all in front of you and provide full access with a single log-in.


When there’s miscommunication between multiple systems, there’s also the tendency for entry errors to cause confusion. Here, it’s better to commit to a single platform where everything works together seamlessly. The answer is Utiliko – a powerful, user-friendly management system.


If your data and records are housed in various applications, and you desperately want a central database for everything, the Utiliko platform can provide access to 90% of all functionalities. With only 2 clicks, all of your business functions are immediately available –all under one roof.


If you’re looking for free project management software to upgrade all of your task management activities, it could be a short-term solution with short-term outcomes. With Utiliko, long term efficiency and productivity are assured. Get your FREE account and take advantage of a 14-day TRIAL without any obligation. You’ll enjoy full access to all Utiliko modules for two weeks.

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