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Top 5 Features that Every Field Service Management Software Should Have

Almost every industry in the world uses field service management software to manage its resources. Look no further than Utiliko for the best field service management software on the market.
December 1, 2022

Prashant Bhople

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Almost every industry in the world uses field service management software to manage its resources. Look no further than Utiliko for the best field service management software on the market.

Our all-in-one business management software simplifies otherwise tedious tasks like creating timetables, investigating staff histories, and assessing overall performance.

Despite the numerous benefits, implementing a business management software solution can be challenging for many service businesses. There are numerous features, requirements, and vendor specifics to consider.

It may be a tall order for businesses that cannot afford to be without their software for more than a few hours. Furthermore, there is always the possibility that a few complications could force businesses to face more problems than answers when upgrading software.

To assist you, we’ve put up a list of five must-have field service management software features to look for when shopping for a new system.

Essential Field Service Management Software Features

We chose these five elements as must-haves based on an analysis of the numerous conversations we have with small, independent field service businesses like yours every day.

#1) Work order management solution

Managing a team of technicians that rarely report to the office can be a tough job for field service providers. Monitoring and tracking their jobs without a system can be a time-consuming and error-prone operation.

Work order management is a critical component of a field service management software package. This enables supervisors and managers to make the best use of their available resources.

Utiliko systems allow you to easily manage, monitor and automate jobs assigned to executives. Supervisors can also track the in-field agents or technicians’ current location and trip history in real-time.

In addition, they also obtain real-time job status updates and keep track of SLA compliance. Field executives can communicate better with officers and managers back at the office thanks to a customized app. All of these can help to promote transparency and reduce uncertainty in the workplace.

#2) Optimize job allocation

Most field service businesses are constrained by tight schedules and low-profit margins. Professionals need to be at the right place at the right time, with the right tools. If something goes wrong (as it frequently does), your company’s reputation may take a hit.

The AI-powered Utiliko all-in-one business management software platform auto-assigns the right assignment to the suitable executive or technician. When allocating a specific job, it evaluates important aspects such as skill, availability, priority, and location.

Manual work assignments or the use of old systems might result in long periods of idle time for agents and missed opportunities. An incorrect assignment of tasks to an executive with no or a different skill set might also result in a low first-time repair rate.

The use of business management software to allocate jobs avoids errors and misunderstandings.

#3) Efficient Scheduling and Dispatching

The success or failure of your scheduling and dispatch operations has a direct impact on the client experience. Customers value their time, and you should as well, especially if you desire repeat business.

The smart scheduling and dispatch software function in Utiliko’s field service management software allows you to swiftly route calls to your field technicians based on availability, severity codes, skills, and region.

You may send alerts to your technicians using the mobile field service app, and they can accept them right on the spot! Utiliko’s field service scheduling capabilities make dispatching straightforward and efficient, whether your scheduling process is manual, interactive, or fully automated.

Utiliko systems help take away the stress and delay of manually drafting columns and printing schedules. As a result, dispatching is faster, tasks are completed faster, and client satisfaction is higher.

#4) Management of Cases, Contacts, and Orders

Your first goal, regardless of industry, should be to satisfy the customer. That’s why it’s critical to have a system in place to manage your customer database and information.

Many of the same functionalities as customer relationship management (CRM) systems are available with Utiliko’s simplified field service management software. You can utilize contact management to send out automated messages to certain groups of clients.

The simplification of customer communications provides users with significant operational benefits. You can set up automatic emails, store and maintain contact information, and segment customers instead of utilizing employee time to send out messages.

Customers can be divided into groups based on the length of time since their last job, their geography, and other factors.

All of these resources can be used with little to no work on your part, yet they can make a significant difference in making your consumers feel valued.

#5) Access via mobile device

As more businesses transition to digital operations, service providers must adapt and transition to paperless operations in order to manage field technicians. They must use field service management software to properly evolve.

Service companies can better organize service schedules and monitor service activity with this type of solution. They can also employ a mobile app to put these capabilities in the hands of their field technicians.

Our Utiliko mobile app makes our business management software accessible from anywhere, making things much easier and smoother. Because of the nature of the field services business, systems are frequently designed with a mobile-first interface in mind.

Your technicians can monitor their schedules and receive dispatches on their phones using a system’s mobile field app. They can also mark work orders as completed once they’ve completed the task.

Utiliko Is the Most User-friendly Business Management Platform

Utiliko’s field service management software powered by AI and machine learning will improve operational efficiency, provide greater visibility into your field workers, and increase customer happiness. Do you want to find the best field service management software for your company? To learn more, go to our page.

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